A Word from the King #3 by John King (obviously)

The Writing Process Blog Tour

The Writing Process Blog Tour is a leapfrogging—or rather, leap-blogging—questionnaire linking one writer to three writers who will then answer the questionnaire themselves before nominating three more bloggers who will do the same, until, obviously, this viral activity will require participants from outer space, or newborns who can type, to keep the tour spreading across the infobahn.

The ever-fab Nathan Holic, who tapped me for this honor, posted his own entry for The Writing Process Blog Tour here.

Nathan Holick

But now it’s my turn.

What are you working on?

I am currently working on (1) a lecture called “Postmodernism for Creative Writers,” (2) a novel that I have been eking out for 20 years, and (3) a top-secret, book-length biography. 

  1. This talk will be delivered in public, with a Q & A, but also be released as a podcast episode.
  2. This postmodern narrative combines the aesthetics of Modernist writers like Henry James, Marcel Proust, James Joyce, Virginia Woolf, A.A. Milne, and early Samuel Beckett. The work is experimental, in that consciousness and sensory impressions (rather than some urgent plot) drive the book. Plus there is lots of sex.
  3. I can’t talk about, because it is a secret.

How does this work differ from others of its genre?

  1. I tell jokes.
  2. Self-evident, I hope.
  3. It is still a secret.

Why do you write what you do?

In some ways, I write to impose my vision of reality upon others. The off-the-shelf definitions of identity, the political verities, the art that is nothing more than corporate tofu needs to be kicked off-kilter for any real reality to be observed and lived.

Partly, this means preserving those parts of the past that seem to have faded, but whose life radiated such light that they made life more tolerable, more real, more survivable than history.

How does your writing process work?

The most important part of my writing process is how I overcome the pressure of the workaday, to have my own mind restored to me for use. And to find momentum. 

I call my podcast The Drunken Odyssey in part because my writing process is an epic misadventure, a rupturing of plans and a distancing from domestic tranquility. I wish my life were more civilized or orderly, or that I could travel to conferences or carve out an hour or two of each already damaged, diminished day.

With a similar situation, many writers just stop writing, but not me, as project (2) indicates. I claw my way through the seas, against the tide. I beat to windward when I must, which is most of the time.

I’ve invited three writers to continue this relay:

Stephen McClurg

Stephen McClurg 2

Rose Tran,

Rose Tran

and Dianne Turgeon-Richardson.

Dianne Turgeon Richardson, politician

There own takes on this questionnaire will appear next Friday-ish. Keep a weather eye open.


John King