Cats Dig Hemingway

Mr. Sundrop likes to hide, but he also likes to travel. When I can’t find him, if I notice any Hemingway missing, I know he isn’t hiding under the bed.

Mr.Sundrop Reads

Callie ponders the simple beauty of one of Hemingway’s last works.

Callie ponders the simple beauty of one of Hemingways last works

Discovering she can turn pages with her tail, Violet zooms through The Sun Also Rises.


Ponce de Leon discovers Men Without Women.

Ponce De Leon Discovers Men Without Women

Zoë became so frustrated reading Big, Two-Hearted River that…

she switched to True at First Light.

Kolwitz enjoys A Farewell to Arms

Jupiter Dove into Death in the Afternoon immediately after finishing The Sun Also Rises, which made him even more contemplative than normal.

Winston is having difficulty with A Farewell to Arms–turning the pages is a conundrum.

What a cat needs for a happy life: “Fifty Grand” and “A Clean, Well-Lighted Place.”

Mark Nenadov's Cat

Paka, showed up at the door pregnant and starving. I tried to explain the procedure to her by having her read “Hills Like White Elephants.” But she didn’t really get it. She’s unschooled in close reading and needs Bob Lamb’s help with her Hemingway.

Here’s a cat at Hemingway’s own Key West house, photo courtesy of Jamie Hecker.


3 thoughts on “Cats Dig Hemingway”

  1. It’s been a while since I’ve laughed so hard (regarding the cats reading Hemingway). Congrats on the awesome website!

  2. The fact that some cats choose to read Hemingway is about the only thing I can like about cats.

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