Guest Bookings

NOTE: The Drunken Odyssey is not considering pitches for future guests in order to deal with the pipeline of writers already under consideration.

Dale Lucas Interview

When The Drunken Odyssey is open to guest pitches, please mind the following:

  • TDO is a podcast about the writing of literature, with forays into history, philosophy, comedy, film, and television. On rare occasions, we cover horror and science fiction. We also like especially weird writing. If you are promoting a straightforward romance or self-help book, TDO is not a good fit.
  • The host invites guests onto the show based on the strength of the book the author has written. If a publicist sends a long list of subjects a guest can cover, then that publicist hasn’t demonstrated an understanding of The Drunken Odyssey’s content. A brief discussion of the book is all that’s needed or wanted.
  • Because the host must read the books of potential guests, the reading pipeline is considerable. If you are hoping to have an interview coincide with a book’s release, getting in touch very early is key.