Hi, gang!

For over two years, I, Patty Hawkins, and Shawn McKee have been in production of a series that discusses the history of Batman, mostly in secondary media. Patty is Vergil to my Dante as we explore this cultural phenomenon that has endured for 80 continuous years.

Batalogues with Patty

John King, Batmobile replica, Patty Hawkins. Photo by Shawn McKee.

For those of you who want to hear more of me while hoping I will ask even fewer questions, consider your pleases answered.

Batalogues Logo Final

Today, the first video of this series is now out in the world. Patty and I could not resist talking about Todd Phillip’s Joker.

Please watch it if you have the time, and if you think you’ll be interested in following the exploits of our Batalogging, please subscribe to us on youtube.

With immense gratitude,
John King