John King’s Publications



The Report at Ghost Parachute.

An Audioanimatronic of Richard M. Nixon Awaits the Next Executive Addition to the Hall of Presidents on Fantastic Floridas at Burrow Press Review.

The Stained Envelope at Ghost Parachute.

Gentle Spirit at THAT Literary Revue.

After The Campers Were Put on the Bus on Scrawlbrawl.

Horoscopes by Guy Psycho on The Eeel.

Guy Psycho: The Savior of Pop? on Turnrow.


Pin This Up.” Interview with Petra Mason on Mahala.


There, But on Animal: A Beast of a Literary Magazine.

Just Barely on Fantastic Floridas at Burrow Press Review.

Bloomsday in Orlando/Bloomsday in NYC on The Drunken Odyssey.

How to Read Ulysses for the First Time on The Drunken Odyssey.

On the Dialectic of Sylvester Stallone on The Portland Review.

Places to Stand in Florida (Three Feet Inside the Magic Kingdom) on Saw Palm.

The Will to Happiness is Contraindicated on Joyous Crybaby.


Creative Writing

Guy Psycho and the Ziggurat of Shame

Guy Psycho and the Ziggurat of Shame. Orlando: Beating Windward P, 2019. (novel)

• “The Confessions of Guy Psycho #4.”  Bachelor Pad Magazine 43 (Spring 2018): 14-15, 33, 40, 52. (fiction)

Condoms & Hot Tubs

• “Another Friday Night with Mr. Fun.” Condoms and Hot Tubs Don’t Mix: An Anthology of Awkward Sexcapades. Ed. Jennie Jarvis and Leslie Salas. Orlando: Beating Windward P, 2018: 167-76.

Other Orlandos

• “The Libretto of the Damned.” Other Orlandos. Ed. Leslie Salas. Orlando: Burrow P, 2017.: 115-23. (ekphrastic fiction inspired by George Frideric Handel’s Orlando) 

• “Jacksonville Beach, 1972.” Art Borne 2.6 (2017): 47-48. (ekphrastic fiction inspired by Christopher Bolten’s photograph of the same name)

• “The Confessions of Guy Psycho #3.”  Bachelor Pad Magazine 36 (Summer 2016): 47, 50-51, 53. (fiction)

• “The Confessions of Guy Psycho #2.”  Bachelor Pad Magazine 32 (Summer 2015): 5-6. (fiction)

• “Six Flags Stars Hall of Fame Wax Museum” and “Dioramas of the Inquisition” in Gargoyle 61 (2014): 113-114. (poetry)

• “The Confessions of Guy Psycho #1.”  Bachelor Pad Magazine 28 (Summer 2014): 7, 36. (fiction)

• “Abridgments.”  Still Point Arts Quarterly 8 (Winter 2012): 40-53. (fiction)

• “Microsaga is Finally Greenlighted.” The Newer York 2 (2012): 5. (fiction)

• “The Stars are Bouncing Tonight.”  Bachelor Pad Magazine 20 (Summer 2012): 22-23, 47. (fiction)

15 Views of Orlando

• “The Muse of Florida.” 15 Views of Orlando.  Ed. Nathan Holic.  Orlando: Burrow P, 2012: 161-64. (personal essay)

• “Perfection.” 15 Views of Orlando. Ed. Nathan Holic.  Orlando: Burrow P, 2012: 81-85. (fiction)

• “Born” and “Spinning.” Palooka 2 (2011): 14-17. (poetry)

• “The Omega of Mercer Rook.”  Painted Bride Quarterly Annual 4 (2007): 34-35. (fiction)

• “Limbo Girls.” Gargoyle 50 (2005): 319-27. (fiction)

• “A Standard Deviation of Hardcore Youth.” Pearl 34 (2005): 64-68. (fiction)

• “Guy Psycho: The Savior of Pop?” Turnrow 3.2 (2004): 151-63. (fiction)


• “Bunny Yeager: Queen of the Pin Up Photographers (A Bachelor Pad Interview.” Bachelor Pad Magazine 23 (Spring 2013): 20-22, 44, 48.

• “The Mystique of Morocco.” Celebrations 26 (November/December 2012): 42-47.

• “MoRockin: A Musical Gem of World Showcase.” 26 (November/December 2012): 48-49.

• “A Celebrations Interview with Ridley Pearson.”  Celebrations 23 (May/June 2012): 56-59.

• “Mary Blair’s Final Disney Masterpiece.”  Celebrations 19 (September/October 2011): 60-65.

Academic Writing

• Review of Orlando Shakespeare Theater’s Cymbeline/Romeo and JulietShakespeare Bulletin 30.3 (2012): 347-53.

• Review of The University of Florida’s Romeo and JulietShakespeare Bulletin 29.3 (2011): 431-35.

• Review of New York Classical Theatre’s Hamlet.  Shakespeare Bulletin 28.4 (2010): 574-79.

• Review of The Palm Beach Shakespeare Festival’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream.  Shakespeare Bulletin 28.1 (2010): 175-80.

• “He’ll Have to Sit and Watch Them All /And We’ll Monitor his Mind”: The Postmodern Allegory of Mystery Science Theater 3000.” The Journal of Film and Video 59.4 (2007): 37-53.

• Review of Angela Hague’s Fiction, Intuition, and Creativity: Studies in Bronte, James, Woolf, and LessingWoolf Studies Annual 12 (2006): 269-73.

• “Reading for the Plotless: The Difficult Characters of Samuel Beckett’s A Dream of Fair to Middling Women.”  The Journal of Modern Literature 29.1 (2005): 133-52.

• “‘Sometimes I Fly Myself’: The Delicate Ego of Laurence Sterne’s Sentimental Journey?” English Language Notes 40 (2003): 26-38.

• Review of Michael North’s Reading 1922.  Modern Fiction Studies 47.4 (2001): 1061-63.

• “Trapping the Fox You Are(n’t) with a Riddle: The Autobiographical Crisis of Stephen Dedalus in Ulysses.”  Twentieth Century Literature 45.3 (1999): 299-316.

• “Jonson’s Bartholomew Fair.” The Explicator 54 (1995): 7-9.

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