Old Poem Revue

  • Old Poem Revue #2: Raleigh’s Last Poem

    Old Poem Revue #2 by Aaron Belz Raleigh’s Last Poem Before being beheaded, Sir Walter Raleigh served as one of Queen Elizabeth’s “Sea Dog” anti-Spanish pirates; founded two failed settlements at Roanoke, Virginia; introduced Europe to the curative effects of tobacco; twice ventured to South America in search of El Dorado; wrote a lot of poetry… Continue reading

  • Old Poem Revue #1: They Flee From Me

    Old Poem Revue #1 by John King They Flee From Me Who wants to discuss old poems? I’ve decided that on Thursdays we here at TDO should try to share pre-twentieth century poems that have stuck with us. I’ll begin with this 1535 bluesy verse from a sixteenth century courtier: They Flee From Me by… Continue reading


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