Episode 2 of The Drunken Odyssey will be a live recording of our upcoming Bloomsday celebration at Urban ReThink in downtown Orlando, with Irish fare by The Spork Café (place your orders now).  If you can, join us as we frolic with James Joyce’s Ulysses.

Here are some items to whet your anticipatory impulses.


The great Stephen Fry opines deliciously about the book.

Love’s Sweet Old Song, as performed by Patricia Hammond (mezzo-soprano) with Michael Brough (piano).


Black 47’s I Got Laid on James Joyce’s Grave, from their album Trouble in the Land.

Sinead O’Connor sings Molly Malone, a song (and a lass) that Leopold Bloom thinks about on his odyssey through Dublin.


And let’s not forget the book itself. The cover of this vintage edition is the one I first read. It is the color of my brain when I laugh in my sleep: words darkening out of sulfur, with negative shadows licking the sky.

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