The Lists #7 by Jessica Cabot

10 Reasons Being on a Cruise Feels Exactly Like an Episode of The Twilight Zone

  1. No Internet or cell reception.
  2. Thomas Kincaid is considered “fine art.”
  3. Infinite Fall-of-the-Roman-Empire-style buffets.
  4. The youngest passenger except you is 60.
  5. All of the passengers are American. No one on the staff is American
  6. Disco Night!
  7. The drama when woman breaks up with her “cruise date” on night two of seven-day cruise.
  8. Blatant racism.
  9. Best Orgasm Wins Trivia Night (old ladies compete with their best When Harry Met Sally impression).
  10. When in Mexico, drinking tequila for days instead of water for your health.


Jessica CabotJessica Cabot is a writer living in Los Angeles with several projects “in development” at reputable companies, so essentially, she is unemployed. When Jessica isn’t writing she procrastinates by dabbling in activities such as guitar, stand-up comedy, and magic. Though Jessica currently straddles a fine line between “aspiring” and “professional”, she has hope for her future because she was fortunate enough to receive a fancy education at such prestigious establishments as Vassar College and New York University. In her personal life, Jessica is grateful for the love and joy provided by her dog, Rita Wilson Cabot.