The Lists

  • The Lists #37: Chocolate Jesus Drink Recipe

    The Lists #37 by Tod Caviness Chocolate Jesus Drink Recipe Here’s the latest recipe from my quarantine rescue mission for misfit bottles of booze. In this case, the oddball bottle is dark creme de cacao. I have no idea why I have the stuff. Maybe I stole it from a Christmas party where they were… Continue reading

  • The Lists #36: Star Wars Movies Ranked

    The Lists #36 by John King Star Wars Movies Ranked, from Best to Worst Having just seen The Rise of Skywalker, which made me miss the contributions of Michael Arndt, but was mostly pretty okay, here are The Drunken Odyssey’s current ranking of the Star Wars filmography. The Empire Strikes Back A New Hope Rogue One: A Star… Continue reading

  • The Lists #35: The Top 10 Films of 2017

    The Lists #35 by Brett Pribble The Top 10 Films of 2017 Lists that rank the best films of the year are inherently subjective and often lead to argument. But hearing other people’s opinions can also lead us to check out things we might not have or think about a film in a way we… Continue reading

  • The Lists #34: What I Believe

    The Lists #34 by John King What I Believe Cheese grits are more life-affirming than any other earthly experience. Porn needs more cardigan sweaters. People cannot save a democracy. AC/DC’s ballads are totally underrated. WD-40 should not be used as a sexual lubricant except by the most adventurous of lovers. Porn cannot save democracy. Leon… Continue reading

  • The Lists #33: Books I’ll Regret Not Writing

    The Lists #33 by John King Books I’ll regret not writing On the Hubris of Magic Sparrows Long Night’s Journey into Happy Hour The Devil’s Pancakes Dance of the Planets Dole Whip: The Movie (A Novelization) Pawing the Chords of a Half-Remembered Violin Archaic Memories of Minnesota from the Spork Dynasty  John King (Episode, well, all of… Continue reading

  • The Lists #32: Hurricane Safety Tips

    The Lists #32 by Patrick Jehle Hurricane Safety Tips 1. Stand outside holding a cloth sail. 2. Bag and freeze plenty of swan burgers. 3. Spend all your money before it goes bad in the bank. 4. Consider publishing my work. 5. Think of me and only me. 6. Ask yourself: How is Patrick? What’s… Continue reading

  • The Lists #31: New Year’s Resolutions

      The Lists #31 by John King New Year’s Resolutions Annihilate my persona. Use weapons if necessary. Shave off all my body hair, including eyebrows. Form an avant-garde Mariachi band. Become a professional spelunker. Explore Leon Redbone in mandala form. Eat more blueberries. Eat more blueberries. Re-edit Eyes Wide Shut, so the lightsaber duels are… Continue reading

  • The Lists #30: Essential Pick Up Lines

    The Lists #30 by Jason Roeder Essential Pick Up Lines “Meditation helps me achieve ego murder.” “We could burn every book, and I’d sleep like a baby.” “Nickname: Filth Town” “I spy a fellow anti-circumcision activist!” “I was named after Shark Tank.” “I’m like the Grand Wizard of porn dependence.” “It’s a hoot making cashiers… Continue reading

  • The Lists #29: Improved Terms for Some Currently-Known Stuff

    The Lists #29 by Tim J. Myers Improved Terms for Some Currently-Known Stuff As culture changes, language does, too.  So must lexicons. Dictionaries of the world, the following are offered for your delight and edification. machina vomitorum: Thrill rides at amusement parks that inspire a terror which can quickly have digestive consequences genetic monsters: That… Continue reading

  • The Lists #28: Egg Nog Recipe

    The Lists #27 by Patrick Jehle  Egg Nog Recipe Do ahead: Extirpate all memory of any beverage besides eggnog. 2. Also all hope. 3. Dull gag reflexes using fists, feet. You are now ready to fashion eggnoggal refreshment: 4. Go to a place. Quest, schlep, endure. 5. Obtain nog. 6. Secure the nog. 7. Since… Continue reading


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