The Lists #23 by John King

Take the John King OK Cupid Quiz

I’m madly in love with my wife, so I am off the market, as it were. But yesterday I came across this in my files, from the era before I met her. So this quiz is a thought experiment to see if you would have been worthy of dating me back then. If you take it, then more people have probably taken the quiz on TDO than on OK Cupid.

If you wish to date John King, please take the following quiz.

  1. How many nanoseconds of television do you watch in a week?
  2. If you could paint the interior of your own spleen, which abstract expressionist might influence you the most?
  3. Do you believe that a person can legitimately have several types of plaids in one’s wardrobe, or only the plaid corresponding to one’s clan?
  4. Specify the highest exponent of thinking you are capable of. For example, an exponent of three would mean you think about thinking about thinking.
  5. Which would you rather watch: a mediocre opera or a stunningly good cockfight?
  6. List the medications you are on, in order of highest dosage to the lowest. You may use additional pages, if necessary.
  7. Which is your favorite book of A La Recherche du Temps Perdu?
  8. Who is your favorite silent foreign film star?
  9. Are you now, or have you ever been, a member of a skiffle band, or a rickshaw guild?
  10. What is your favorite font? (Yes, you must pick only one.)
  11. Are you married?



John King (Episode, well, all of them) is a podcaster, writer, and ferret wrangler.