A TDO Episode Update

Alas & fuck, there will not be a new episode this week.

Year 2 of TDO vs. The Curator of Schlock will begin next Saturday.

2 responses to “A TDO Episode Update”

  1. Alackaday, indeed… Catching any kind of virus is never fun – think of all those honeybees that are succumbing across North America – but this is a bit worse. If you know and meet a lot of people you´re increasing the odds of getting something contagious, for that is what ´contagious´ means. Still, it´s a shame and crap luck that you should be struck with this thing.

    Ulyssses and Leopold Bloom will testify that no odyssey goes completely smoothly, but you´ve had your shots, so it shouldn´t be more than a bad flu, they say. Rest up, read something good, sample some merlot and maybe check out some other podcasts. They´re often nearly as good as TDO.

  2. Thanks, DJ. I’m being a good boy. 🙂

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